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Pit Bull Club Nederland

Official A.D.B.A. Sanctioned Club

About the PBCN

Welcome on the homepage of Pit Bull Club Nederland.
PBCN was established on 9 december 2010.
Since 2013 PBCN is affiliated with the ADBA.
It is the ADBA responsibility to protect and preserve the pitbull in its original form.
They do this in a number of ways: Register the dogs and guarantee purebred status.
This is dependent on the honesty of the breeders and the paperwork they submit to the office;
Holding A.D.B.S.I. Conformation shows judged according to the ADBA standard, that is based on the original purpose of the breed.

The ADBA believes in responsible ownership of the pitbull and has promoted responsible ownership through the GAZETTE and information provided to clubs.
It is there goal to answer questions about the breed and to promote the positive aspects of the American Pit BuIl Terrier.

For more information please refer to American Dog Breed Association

  • Club Dates

    11th of December 2016! (Wintergames)

    5th of March 2017! (More info to be announced asap)

  • Credentials

    KVK number: 51454327
    Our bank account number is:
    IBAN/SEPA number: nl68abna0460709178
    BIC number: ABNANL2A

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Na betaling van het lidmaatschap kun je gebruik maken van alle voordelen die het lidmaatschap je biedt. Dit is o.a. 5% korting op het voer bij Green River Working Dog Supplies. Gratis toegang tot de shows en sportevenementen en de bijbehorende gereduceerde deelname tarieven. Daarnaast steun je natuurlijk onze vereniging die zich inzet voor het beschermen en behartigen van de belangen van het ras.

Met vriendelijke groet,

team PBCN

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